domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

FC Porto lidera UEFA Team Coefficients 2012-13

[1] This table shows the calculation of the UEFA team coefficients, which are determined by the number of points added to 20% of the country coefficient.

[2] The basis for the UEFA coefficients is the performance of teams in the European Cups during a five year period. During that period each team gets two points for a win and one point for a draw. In addition one bonus point is allocated for reaching the quarter final, the semi final and the final. Qualification for the group-stage of the Champions League is awarded with 4 bonus points. Qualification for the first knock-out round of the Champions League yields 5 bonus points.

[3] The UEFA team ranking is computed by the sum of 5 coefficients in the last 5 years.

[4] The used acronyms for are: CL=Champions League, EL=Europa League


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Anónimo disse...

Existem outros streams na net.

para quem precisar e não souber.

Anónimo disse...

creio que este ranking específico só contabiliza os pontos da presente temporada

José Correia disse...

Exactamente. Aliás, o título - UEFA Team Coefficients 2012-13 - é claro.